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This Fandom Wikipedia was created to explain the unique societal orientation of a particular science-fiction civilization, formally known as "The Olantrian Order" within their respective universe. Please understand that everything within said record collection is protected via legal authority and national copyright regulation. Utilization of content without the author's official obligation may be subject to an assortment of justified punishments accordingly with their actions.

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Soon after the formation of a science-fiction faction (officially termed: "The Olantrian Order"), this distinctly unique flavor of technocracy was contemplated and applied to satisfy the necessity of social organization. This Fandom Wikipedia entry will provide the general ideas behind this fictional political philosophy of mine.

Understand that the ideas of technocratic rule have gone through many variations prior to mine from an assortment of other talented individuals and philosophers. However, like I stated previously: this Fandom Wikipedia is merely utilized to express my hypothetical style of technocracy specific to this piece of literature.

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